Update- motherhood, new job and everything else

It's been a while since I've sat down and started to write anything worthy. The truth is I've been too tired, too preoccupied and too unfocused. And yes even though it's been over 10 months since Oliver's birth in April, my baby brain is still here. Still. Here. Why don't they tell you that it never goes away? 

Motherhood has been the most rewarding, hardest, tiresome and fun experience of my life. There's been sleepless nights (very few thankfully), high stress moments of not knowing what to do and downright emotional moments of not knowing why the heck I'm crying again. But watching Oliver grow has been nothing short of amazing. At 10 months old, Oliver is already walking. He says "mumma", "dadda" and "bubba". He high fives and waves. He loves the water and food. Every day spent with him a blessing and it's so exciting every time he does something new. I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Motherhood can also be lonely at times. On days when my husband is at work and it's just Oliver and I at home can be hard sometimes. If Oliver is unwell, teething or just in a bad mood it can lead to me feeling really lonely. I do love the cuddles and the smiles but having him cling to me all day is mentally and physically draining. Going back to work has certainly helped thos because I get to be me instead of Mummy. 

In July when Oliver was just 4 months old I was offered a job that was too good to refuse financially and career-wise. I felt a lot of mum guilt going back to work while he was so young but it was only 3 days a week and thankfully my husband is flexible with him work and could take him on those. This year I have since gone back full time which means putting Oliver in daycare twice a week. He is thriving!

I also start back at uni soon to further work on my masters degree. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I can juggle working full time, studying part time and being a mum and wife. Doesn't sound too hard right? Ask me in a month how its all coming along. 

As life changes so too will my content. It will definitely be more few and far between, at least as far as blog posts go. I will hopefully be updating Instagram and Facebook a little more regularly. You will also continue to see more posts about products that I absolutely love, both sponsored and unsponsored. I will always disclose when something has been sponsored.

Here's to 2022 and exciting times ahead!