I Can't Wait to Be a Mum!

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you will know it's been a long journey for my husband and I. It took us almost a year to conceive, including surgery and fertility treatment. But now, here we are with less than 9 weeks until my due date.

I haven't given many updates during my pregnancy on the blog page, mostly because I have really struggled throughout my pregnancy and didn't want to complain. I've had terrible morning sickness, anaemia, severe back pain and fatigue. But, feeling our baby's little (though not so little anymore) kicks and bouts of hiccups has been the best feeling.

Each ultrasound has been incredible, including this 3D one. I highly recommend Newcrest Imaging if you live in the greater Newcastle area and are wanting a bonding 3D scan or gender reveal.

Nesting is real

One of the pregnancy-related things nobody warned me about is nesting. This is more than just getting the nursery ready (which my husband has done an excellent job of). It's getting the whole house ready. We (but mostly me) have gone room by room throwing out or donating so many things. Little nick nacks, clothes, DVD's, games, book etc. which we have accumulated over the years. Our house seems way less cluttered and is definitely easier to clean.

We (again mostly me) have also had the urge to buy some new furniture. We've bought a new desk, new dining suite and a new lounge. While our old pieces of furniture probably needed replacing soon, I think the hormones strongly convinced me that we needed to buy them new right now.

Nesting has also extended to my workplace. I've been tidying and throwing out so many things.

If you're pregnant be warned. Once you hit past 25 weeks the urge to revamp and declutter is real.

Preparing for our lives to change

We are well aware that once the baby is born, life as we know it will change. No longer will we be able to go out to the cinemas on a whim, nor go out to a restaurant for dinner. We won't necessarily have all the little extras we treat ourselves to now.

For some, this might be upsetting or daunting. At first it was for us, but now we are just trying to take advantage of the time we have left by spending it together as much as we can. We are watching as many movies as possible because we know that once the baby is born, sitting down to watch a movie in a single setting is going to be difficult.

People are telling us to enjoy our sleep now as much as we can. The truth is, I don't get more than maybe 5 hours of sleep a night. On nights when it's hot, I am so uncomfortable. Most night, I wake up with leg cramps or back cramps, and I need to pee a lot. So my sleep is pretty broken which makes getting up for work and working 8 hours difficult some days.

I have 3 weeks let of work then it's maternity leave. I am going to use this time wisely to do all the things I enjoy that might be difficult to do once bub born. I'll try to read as many books as possible; binge as many shows as possible and play a lot of Sims and PS4. But we'll see how that all goes!

We can't wait to be parents. The changes in our lives that will come with the birth of our child will be worth it.