Florist Holly Wright- Highly Recommended for Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the most important accessories for any wedding. They make up the beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres plus can make amazing table decorations to. For our wedding, we used Holly Wright who went above and beyond to offer us premium service.

Holly has had a passion for floristry since high school where she did work experience at a local florist. As a child, she also loved helping out her father with his nursery. Able to do flowers for any occasion and any style/design, Holly especially loves wedding flowers because she gets to be a part of a couple's big day and create some amazing masterpieces.

Holly happens to be a great friend of my husband and I so choosing her to do our flowers for our wedding was really a no-brainer.

We wanted her to have a special role with our day and you can't get much more special than creating the wedding flowers. 

Working with Holly

Holly made the whole process smooth and easy. We met with her to discuss which flowers we would need and types of flowers that we wanted. She took us through the process involved with creating them especially for us.

We were given the option of fresh or artificial. I knew from the get-go that I wanted to have artificial flowers due to the time of year and allergies. Holly had also advised us which flowers would be seasonal in August and which would be brought in from overseas or not as high quality. 

Having an artificial bouquet also meant that we could all easily keep our flowers forever without having to pay a lot of money to preserve them. I was a little worried though that the artificial flowers might look cheap and very fake. Holly assured me that there were many places out there that provide high quality artificial flowers.

Deciding on the flowers for my bouquet was a little more difficult though. I changed my mind a few times but this didn’t phase Holly at all. I had up until she purchased the flowers to make a decision which definitely put my mind at ease.

Initially I really wanted Lillies and Orchids. Then I wanted to add in some Frangipani's and Baby's Breath. In the end, I just decided on simple roses with a few different shades of pink and white.

Holly did up a small, mock-up version of my bouquet before we bought the flowers so I could see what it might look like. This gave me peace of mind that my bouquet would be exactly what I wanted.

After looking at different places and Holly sending me different prices and photos of flowers, we purchased them from Sydney artificial flower specialist Koch and Co. They offer a new, premium range of roses that look and feel like the real thing. These flowers were a little more expensive but definitely worth the extra money.

The Flowers

Holly created my bouquet- a beautiful teardrop style that fitted well with my dress. I also requested there to be an easy way of putting a family heirloom- an ancient brooch- onto the bouquet. She added white ribbon so I could easily pin the brooch on. This also covered up the stems of the flowers, which I wanted for a cleaner, more classic look.

She created 4 smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids as well as a throwaway so I could keep mine. All were made superbly and my bridesmaids are so happy that they get to keep the bouquets for life. She made pin corsages for the two mothers and boutonnieres for the two fathers, page boy and groomsmen. Altogether, the flowers looked amazing and really suited our colour theme.

Many people commented on the high quality of the flowers. A few actually thought that they were real.

Whilst Holly doesn't own her own floristry business, she does work at a florist called Oliveri's on the Central Coast. Her skill is impeccable and she creates artworks out of flowers. As you can see in our interview, she even makes bouquets in stiletto heels! There aren't any limits to flowers you can use for a bouquet. In fact, Holly loves it when she gets to work with natives and greenery.

If you are getting married or just looking for flowers for a special event, get in contact with Oliveri's Flowers and ask for Holly. I assure you, you will not be disappointed with her service and quality.