A.J's Top Ten

A.J Harley has always known she would be a writer. From the age of eight when she first discovered her ability to write, she has always had a passion for it. Until now, she has only written fan fiction. Currently working on her first original story, A.J Harley is only just beginning her career as a writer.

A.J grew up reading anything she could from a young age.  Her passion for reading soon filtered into a passion for writing. “The first story I ever worked on was inspired by the movie Scooby Doo. It was weird, but it was a different thing for me because at the time I didn’t have any creative outlets of my own. I started to expand on it and everything started to unravel,” she says.

She immersed herself into reading books, writing wherever she could and expanding her skills. It wasn’t until a few years into high school that her writing really took off. “I was in love with the Twilight Saga so I wrote a lot of fantasy,” A.J says.

Beginning of Fan Fiction for A.J

It wasn’t long before A.J started writing various fan fictions and posting them on the online platform ‘Wattpad’. Wattpad has been a great opportunity for A.J to showcase her work online without paying the exorbitant fees to publish a book. “It’s an amazing platform for writers to get their work out into the world without paying money,” A.J says.

To date, A.J has published 7 fan fiction works on the platform such as Jack and Elsa and Are You There God? I think I’m Pregnant, some works published under A.J Runaway


Are you there, God?

Judy Blume was A.J’s favourite author growing up so it’s no surprise that she has created a fan fiction about one of her favourite novels. “I love Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret so much as a kid. I always loved how she creates this world in your head with such simplified writing. It’s quite amazing,” A.J says.

Writing the fan fiction for this book has been a big task for A.J. She hasn’t yet finished it but the chapters she has written are available on Wattpad. “To write my version of the sequel for it I have to relate back to the way that she wrote it. It’s a bit difficult to do that but also a really fun idea,” A.J says.

The original book was about a tween girl named Margaret Simon who seeks to find a single religion. The book deals with relevant adolescent topics such as buying a first bra and going through the stages of puberty.

A.J’s sequel follows Margaret when she is a little older. Convinced by her best friend, Margaret attends a party where she drinks underage. Margaret finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy which results in her having to deal with all the changes that come with having a baby. So far, the story has amassed nearly 6,000 reads on Wattpad.


When Frozen and Jack Frost meet...

Jack and Elsa is a fan fiction romance between Jack Frost and Elsa (from Frozen). “I loved writing that one because I love Frozen so much,” A.J says. “I loved the idea of the pairing between Jack and Elsa. I’ve read a lot of stories where the two are together, but I hadn’t found one that really followed the law of it. The ideas were twisted. I tried to keep it as close to the original stories as possible”. A.J wrote the story to show fans how she thought it was all supposed to be and happen, sticking as close to the original story and characters as possible.

The first in a three-part series, the story itself follows Elsa, who has been secluded for a decade, as her parents send her to the Overmyn Academy. There, she meets Jack who shares the same power that she does. Jack makes a vow to help Elsa discover who she is and why this power was given to her. It leads Elsa to wonder why Jack is intent on helping her. What is the reason behind his actions?

The artwork for this story cover was done by an artist but occasionally A.J will do them herself. “I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an artist, I can’t draw to save my life. I reach out to artists who help produce the idea that I have in my head for what I want the cover to look like”.


Original story

A.J has put her fan fiction work on hold for the moment to focus on her original story Top 10. She is enjoying creating her own characters, ideas and story. “As much as I want to finish off the Fan Fiction, it’s hard to juggle the two because you get characters and plotlines mixed up,” she says.

Top 10 is inspired by true events that happened in A.J’s life and about all the things that she learned during the time. “The story itself doesn’t start where it should start. It starts at a point where things start becoming more self-aware but I’m still working on the finer details”.

Unlike her previous Fan Fiction stories which were aimed at teenagers and young adults, Top 10 will strictly be aimed at a readership that’s 16 or older, due to strong content. “It’s like 50 Shades of Grey but not,” she laughs.

A.J doesn’t want to give too much away about her story, which she aims to publish some time next year, but she is revealing small pieces of information on her Facebook page. So far, she has shared quotes and character biographies to her fans. “It’s a quirky and fun way to start to introduce this book to fans,” she says.

The storyline will follow a young woman who has recently broken up with her long-term boyfriend. She decides to go through a phase which sees her hook up with 10 different guys. “To some people it might sound generic but the interaction she has with all the different people she meets is interesting,” A.J says. “The biggest this I want to come through for people who read it is that’s okay to find your sexual awakening, but you also need to understand that there are consequences that come with it”.


Why Writing?

The main thing that A.J loves about writing, as has come to learn over the years of writing Fan Fiction, is that it’s the one thing that she can have control over. “When I’m writing, it’s up to me to decide what happens and not anybody else. I tell the story. I can control every aspect of the story and edit it down to the finest detail because it’s under my power,” A.J says.

A.J also enjoys the inspiration that it brings others. “If you get someone else to find something in your writing and learn from it, that’s one of the best things. I want to inspire people to be okay with themselves and find that self-love with my new story”.

For the time being, A.J will continue to work on Top 10 and tease more information on her Facebook. The life of a writer never stops and her journey is only just beginning.