Kendall King is one of Sydney’s best rising music producers and his record company SKYLLA keeps going from strength to strength. His latest song Firebreather is released today and is sure to be a hit. Following on from his previous two songs Tide and Fearless, Kendall is keeping the hits coming with his latest track. It’s not surprising that this new track is just as catchy as the other two with Kendall’s ability to create masterpiece after masterpiece.

Music Background

Growing up, Kendall loved nothing more than playing musical instruments. Over the years he has learned to play the guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, flute and violin. It wasn’t until 2008 that the songwriting and recording began. “It’s rare I’ll actually record with an instrument. Even when I track a guitar part, it’s plugged directly into the PC through an audio interface and I’m using emulated guitar amps and effects,” Kendall says.

Writing, recording and producing the song is a long-winded task for Kendall, but the results have so far proven to be rewarding. “It might take me 5 minutes to come up with a song and then another 6 months of producing and re-editing until the final song is ready”. This hard work is paying off with Fearless being featured on numerous hit playlists on Spotify. He’s hoping Firebreather will have the same success.


Kendall came up with the idea for Firebreather when he was driving one day. “I had just ended a long-term relationship. I raced home, picked up my guitar and recorded a rough version on my phone,” Kendall says.

The song deals with being in a toxic relationship, lying and cheating. He worked with Ally K (they worked together on Fearless) to write the demo lyrics before sending it out to potential singers. Although a singer himself, so far Kendall has enlisted other vocalists to sing the vocal lead on his songs.

Haley Holgate lends her vocals on Firebreather and is a perfect fit. “Haley reworked the lyrics and really brought the song to life. I couldn’t be more thrilled with her vocal performance,” Kendall says. There are plans for a music video. Not giving too much away, Kendall says it will involve dancing and fire breathing.

The word Firebreather will have a different meaning for each person. For Kendall, it’s someone who is empowered and has the courage to stand up for themselves and take control of the situation, which comes through loudly and clearly in the song.

Firebreather isn’t carried by its infectious electronic backbeat. It’s carried by the powerful lyrics and voice of Haley. The lyrics tell the story of the toxic relationship that Kendall speaks of above and how she is finally free, able to stand up for herself. The verses show how manipulative and degrading  this relationship could be and how determined she is to end it for good. The chorus features the empowered lyrics:

I’m a Firebreather

Don’t want you, don’t need you

You feel my fire tonight

Kendall has once again created a song that many people can relate to. A lot of us have been in a toxic relationship of some kind, whether that be a loving relationship or a friendship. The song reflects how we feel when we finally break free from it all. Of course, not everyone will feel empowered but for those of us who do, this song is relatable.

SKYLLA and the future

Firebreather is just one song in a string of projects that Kendall has planned for SKYLLA. He began the project almost a year ago but conceptualised the idea two years prior. In the year that SKYLLA has been releasing music, it has grown immensely. “It’s a 360 company. We don’t just make music. We do photography, artwork, videography, bookings and promotions. At Skylla, we make our own rules. We are free to express ourselves the way we want to express our art”.  This authentic approach is proving to work for Kendall and his company.

SKYLLA and Kendall have performed at venues such as the Metro Theatre in Sydney where they were a hit. “The end of the year, we will be finishing with a bang. In addition to Firebreather and the music video, I am planning to release two more songs. I also have some exciting shows coming up,” Kendall says. He will be performing at Blacktown Workers on September 28th. “I will be headlining Brighton Up Bar on the 13th October and I’m booked in at the Metro Theatre again in November.”

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