Sarah Christine- More than a dreamer

Sarah Christine might not be a household name, but she is well on her way to becoming one. With a brand new EP out with her band good thanks, she is proving her versatility as an artist.

Musical Beginnings

Sarah started music fairly late compared to a lot of musicians, but it is clear that her talent is natural. As she puts it, she just “fell into it” at the age of 15. In those 6 years, she has built a following in the Newcastle area and has recorded a couple of singles and EP’s.

She began music as a way of expressing her feelings. She liked it so much, she decided to do more with it, playing at local markets. “It took off from there,” she says.

From early on, Sarah knew that she wanted a career in music. “It was always a matter of seeing if I could sustain and defy people’s expectations of what they would call a job,” Sarah says. It wasn’t really until 2 years ago that she really started to pursue is a career option. She quit her job 18 months ago and began to pursue music fulltime. She hasn’t looked back since.

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Gigging in Newcastle

The Newcastle music scene is a great way for artists like Sarah to get some recognition. This has been something that has worked to Sarah’s advantage with getting her name out there as well as her own music. But beneficial and fun as it is, it can’t always be easy to tell if the crowd will like or appreciate you.

A lot of people go to gigs wanting to hear songs that they know so they can sing along to them. She does enjoy playing cover songs. She also admits that it is always nice to sing her own music and get positive reactions from the crowd.

“Usually at cover gigs, I will slip a few original songs in but I don’t necessarily say what they are just so I can gauge the crowd’s reaction. Finding the balance can be hard sometimes but it’s a lot easier now than when I first started out.”

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The Dreamer and the Realist

Sarah has written many great songs over the years that she has released as singles. Last year she released her debut EP The Dreamer and the Realist.

It has an easy listening feel to it and upon listening to the lyrics it’s not hard to see that Sarah has drawn inspiration from life and emotions around her. The songs on the EP are a collection that she has written over the past 5 years.

“I often found that in any relationship I was in, I always ended up being the more optimistic and dreamer type person and the other was more of a realist. This is where the title came from, experiences that I had with that,” Sarah says.

A lot of her inspiration comes from things she has been through or witnessing other’s go through. “I kind of just imagine if I were in that situation and the feelings and things that I would feel. I try to write them down as artistically as I can”.

Sarah describes her writing process for the EP to me. “I’ll just have a sentence or something that pops in my head and then I might sit down and look at it more,” Sarah says.

She admits that often she is busy doing other things when an idea strikes. “I might be driving in the car when I start humming some ideas. Most of the time they come quickly, so I have to rush to write them down.”

The recording process for the EP was fairly quick- just 3 sessions. “I went into the studio and recorded the songs with a guy named Rhys. We worked on the songs and turned them into what they are now. It wasn’t too strenuous, and all came naturally.”


good thanks

Recently, Sarah has become a part of a band called good thanks. The band have been busy playing numerous gigs around Newcastle. On Friday, they are the support act for the band British India. On June 16th, they released their debut EP Two Bottles In. The sound of the band is very different to Sarah’s solo career.

“Towards the end of last year, I wrote some new music that I didn’t think fit with my music style. So I started the band so I could do both,” Sarah says. The band’s music would best be described as alternative rock; however the songs are still about life itself.

The EP features 4 original tracks with Sarah on vocals. She is joined by Sam Gray on Guitar, Brad Walsh on Bass and Brodie Christie on Drums. Together they create a killer rock band with a unique and catchy sound. The EP features funky bass lines, infectious lyrics and catchy tunes. Sarah’s voice shines through on every track and shows her versatility as an artist. The lyrics tell a story and take the listener on a journey with the band. For a new band and a debut EP, this is definitely worth a listen to from anyone who likes punk or alternative rock.

Sarah is also a wedding singer

Sarah is continually proving that she has a lot to offer with both her solo career and her new band. She offers her services as a wedding singer, something she greatly enjoys.

“It’s a really special day. It’s also very terrifying.” This is because it is such a special day and she doesn’t want to mess it up. “I’ve done a lot of weddings and I’ve never done bad but for some reason I still get really nervous,” she says. "It’s special for someone to ask you to perform and meet all of their family. Besides performing my original songs, it’s probably my favourite part about being a musician.”

Musical Influences

Like any musician, Sarah has musical influences that have inspired her and help write her music. Her biggest influence has been Australian singer Missy Higgins. “I really like her tone and her lyrics are always straight to the point and well written. She’s been my biggest influence from day one,” Sarah says.

She also admires Alex Lahey, another singer/songwriter with influential lyrics. “I kind of like a lot of genres that I like to mash together.” This versatility in musical influences is probably why Sarah does so well with both the easy listening and alternative rock genres.

For now, Sarah will continue to play music with good thanks and perform solo around the Newcastle area.  This is just the beginning of her exciting music adventure.


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