Diary of a Young Mum- from home videos to YouTube

A gorgeous toddler sits watching TV. She waves at the camera and starts pulling faces. This little girl is Layla, and she is the star of mum, Saam Fowler's, YouTube Video Log (Vlog) series The Diary of a Young Mum. 

Beginning as a written blog

"I started writing on a blog called mummytolayla. I was so surprised with the response it had," Saam says of her inital project. The blog soon became a great way for Saam to capture memories of her daughter- memories that Layla could look back on. It was also a way for her to share their lives to those they don't see all the time.

Within a few months, Saam thought she would try her hand at Vlogging. "I had always admired others for doing it but was always too scared to do it myself." She purchased a camera and started filming. "I started with a few things that Layla and I would get up to in the day, what we were doing and updates on all the new things she could do." Her videos will often feature her partner of 4 years, Brodie, and show how happy the family are together and trips they take together.  Saam instantly fell in love with Vlogging and posted her first video to YouTube nearly 2 years  ago when Layla was 6 months old.

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Why Saam became a vlogger

Her reasons for initially wanting a successful vlog was to help her deal with the certain struggles she faced as a young, first time mum. She admits that at times she did feel crazy. "I struggled with a traumatic birth, recovering after an emergency C-section and continuing breastfeeding." For Saam, writing and filming how she was feeling and receiving responses reassuring her that she wasn't alone, made her feel so much better. "I realised that my honesty about young motherhood could really help people."

Saam has a mindset with her vlog's to be honest. She captures the happy times but is also truthful when times get hard. "I love that Layla will have these home videos when she is older. But it's also nice knowing that I can help women feel like they aren't alone with the struggles they face."

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When being a mum gets mentally tough

In her latest video (at the time of original posting in April 2018), Saam reflects on her life in recent weeks and how she has been dealing with some personal struggles that she feels could hinder her vlog. This is the type of honesty that many people, not just mum's, need to know. They need to know that it's okay to be selfish sometimes to focus on yourself and take a break if needed.

For Saam, because she shares a chunk of her life on social media, she feels it's important for people to know about her personal struggles. "You don't want your negative feelings coming off as if you are unappreciative of having a baby. I used to get scared that people would think I was a bad mum".

More recently, Saam has been revealing the struggles she faces to fall pregnant against whilst discovering that she has PCOS and possible endometriosis. These videos are raw and emotional but reflect Saam's strong spirit to not give in.

Building a fan base

With social media being so prevalent nowadays, one might think that getting exposure for a vlog would be easy. Not necessarily because there are so many other YouTuber's out there wanting to share their lives as well.

Instagram played a huge part in exposure for Saam. She has an active Instagram channel with 1200 followers that she posts to regularly. She keeps her followers updated with all her new posts and everything that is happening with her vlog. There are many candid images of Layla being a typical little girl and also humorous family snaps.  She will also collaborate with other YouTuber's. This has also helped to increase her following.

Where inspiration strikes

Saam likes to think of vlog's as home videos. This makes her think of the times when her dad would video her and her brother. "I always get the urge to vlog on special occasions. I also remember how much I treasure the home videos I have from my childhood and when we were hanging out after school just playing games."

Inspiration also comes from other mummy YouTuber's and how they are presenting their videos to the world. "Keiara Moore and Aussie Mum Vlogger gave me the push to finally start my own channel."

When you are a vlogger, life itself generally becomes inspiration. Children can be so unpredictable so it's never easy to know exactly how the day's vlog will turn out.

What interests Saam

Creativity is something that has always been of interest. "I love to create. I love making videos, especially montages which is why they appear so much in my vlogs." She also enjoys photography.

It comes as no surprise then that Saam has a strong interest in makeup, another creative outlet that she works in. She admits to having a large collection of makeup at home with a wide variety of different products. She also enjoys the artistry behind makeup as well and loves seeing what others can create.

In her videos, Saam will usually have flawless makeup and will sometimes make a reference to her love of makeup. She was even brave enough to let her partner Brodie do her makeup and featured this on her YouTube channel. It was definitely hilarious and worth a watch.

Saam has worked for different makeup companies for 5 years, information that can't disclose in her vlogs which is why the company can't be mentioned. Her interest in makeup makes her part-time work very enjoyable. "It is definitely a job I could see myself doing in the long run along with being a mum to Layla".

Why being a mum is the best

All mum's will say that their child is amazing and that being their parent is a honour. For Saam, being a mum is the most rewarding job she will ever have.

"I love being a mum, even when it gets hard. There are so many things I love about it, big and small", Saam says. She lists two of her favourite things as having a best friend and seeing her daughter grow up. "No matter what, I'll always have my little girl to hang out with. Seeing Layla reach a new milestone or say a new word makes me so proud of her."

As Layla continues to grow up, Saam will continue her videos so her viewers can keep up-to-date with their adventures. Saam wouldn't change being a mum for the world.

You can subscribe to The Diary of a Young Mum on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVpLsYklnT6YbQRycwz7sCw