Crazy Love Album Review

Sami Cooke’s highly-anticipated second album Crazy Love has finally arrived and it does not disappoint. With 7 tracks this EEP (Extended Extended Play) is going to be on repeat in my car for a while.

I first heard of Sami last year when she released her smash song (and track off the album) ‘Summertime’. The catchy feel-good song became an instant success for Sami, with it hitting number 1 on the Australian Country iTunes charts in Tasmania. It has also racked up nearly 7000 views on YouTube. This song has Sami stamping her mark on the country music scene.

Sami and I met in January this year and spoke about her new album, which was nearly in the final stages of production then. Her kind-nature combined with her talent adds to her star power.  She is also very passionate about her music which came through in our interview. So it’s no surprise that Crazy Love is nothing short of amazing.

She launched the album on April 7th with an event at The Small Ballroom in Newcastle. Around 200 people attended and watched Sami perform on the night, hearing her new songs for the first time.

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Track List

  1. Crazy Love

  2. I Just Want to Love You

  3. Stings Like a Bee

  4. Summertime

  5. Brand New Strings (featuring Troy Kemp)

  6. Angel (cover of Sarah McLachlan's hit)

  7. Hold Me Close- Bonus Track

Sami wrote 6 of the 7 tracks. She wrote Track 7 by herself. Track 5 was written with Troy Kemp and Dane Baldwin. Track 1, 2, 3 and 4 written with Steve Deal who also produced the album. Together they have created classic country tunes that allow Sami’s voice to shine and also hook the listener in. The tracks are also very personal, which Sami told me about in our previous interview. You can read it here:


Crazy Love- track by track

The first track Crazy Love is a great intro to the album. Sami shows off her guitar skills and her voice shines through. The words in the song are very relatable for anyone who has been in love before. It sets up the listener for the rest of the EEP.

The next two tracks follow on with the love theme. I Just Want to Love You is all about the needing and wanting to love that special person. The song hit number 5 on the Country iTunes. Stings Like a Bee, with it’s catchy chorus, will be stuck in your head long after the EEP is finished.

As mentioned above, Summertime is the first single off Crazy Love. It is feel good and paints a picture of what Newcastle, Sami’s home for the last few years, is like during the summer season. It is infectious with a country sound that shows who Sami is as an artist.

Brand New Strings features Troy Kemp, one of the writers and musicians of the EEP. Again this track is feel good and has great potential to become a country anthem.

Sami’s rendition of Angel is beautiful and haunting, She really encapsulates the feel and emotion of the song. It’s enough to give the listener goose bumps. It is also a song that I have always felt a strong connection to, so thank you Sami for performing it so beautifully.

The bonus track, which was a song added at the last minute, is called Hold Me Close. It is a fantastic way to finish off the EEP and really wraps it up. The final song is often the song that listeners will remember the most, and I feel that this song is perfect for that.

Overall thoughts

Overall Crazy Love is a fantastic listen, especially for those who enjoy country music. Sami’s voice is complimented in each song and her talent absolutely shines. For an independent record, the mastering, mixing and production are all very professional. The CD case also adds to the finished product with it’s professional aesthetic.

Sami deserves more exposure because she has a great talent and a unique sound. She has had tracks from her new album played on various Country Radio Stations. She has also just featured on Hurrican Jez’s new song Promised.

For the rest of 2018, Sami will continue to tour Australia, New Zealand and Canada showcasing her new songs. To purchase Crazy Love, visit Sami’s website:


Creative Collections has 2 signed copies of Crazy Love to give away. To win all you have to do is tell us in 25 words or less what Crazy Love is to you. Put your answer in the space provided below. Competition closes June 15th. Winners will be announced on the competition page and on the Facebook page.

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