Kendall King 'Fearless'

Kendall King’s brand-new track Fearless is a catchy, well-produced, well-written track. Following on from his big debut release Tide in November last year, Kendall is further stamping his mark as a producer in the music industry.

Fearless- how it came about

Talking exclusively with Creative Collections, Kendall says that the inspiration for the song came from a friend of his. Ally K. told Kendall her story and he was instantly inspired. “So Ally and I wrote the song. The lyrics came from Ally. It’s her story.”

The story of the song is based around an addiction to something like drugs or alcohol. “It’s about how people’s addictions can make them fearless, when really it’s a weakness. And having to deal with friends having an addiction and trying to see it from their point of view,” said Kendall.

This is poignant throughout the song, particularly during the chorus of the song. The lyrics go:

“My weakness makes me fearless.

I love you like I love this.”


Brigit King provides the killer vocals on this track. Her voice is powerful with telling the story and forces the listener to really pay attention to the words and what is being provoked. Her voice gives the song the emotional attachment and meaning it deserves. It compliments Ally’s lyrics and her story.

Kendall co-wrote, produced, mixed and mastered the track. “Brigit then altered the vocal melody to suit her voice.”

What was produced was a masterpiece that deserves to be recognised and played on repeat. In fact, since it’s release less than a week ago, Spotify have added it to two playlists: New Music Fridays AU/NZ and New Dance Beats (alongside artists like Diplo and Sean Paul). This is something Kendall didn’t expect and was greatly humbled by it. And in the fickle world that Spotify and other streaming services is, to have songs recognised like this is a big achievement.

Kendall King Fearless

For now, Kendall along with Ally and Brigit will continue to lap up the fantastic responses they are receiving with the song. The song does deserve great respect because it is fantastic and because it tells a story that is so important to Ally. In fact, it’s a song that so many people can relate to in one aspect or another. Which is what makes a great track.

The song will be re-released featuring the vocals of Ally K, which is going to be next level magic. The track should be released in around a month, says Kendall.

What's next from Kendall

On May 16th, Kendall along with his band Skylla will be performing at Sydney’s Metro Theatre. He will also continue to write and produce music, sharing his talent with the world.

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