Taylor Swift Delicate video review

Taylor Swift has just dropped her brand new video, and in true Taylor style the release was big. Delicate was first shown at the iHeart Radio awards on Monday Australian time and it instantly got people talking.
It’s the fifth track off her album Reputation and shows a more vulnerable side to the previous singles from the album. Coincidentally, on all of her previous albums track 5 has been a vulnerable track. This song is about Taylor taking a hesitant approach towards a relationship- most likely her relationship of more than a year with Joe Alwyn. It’s all about not wanting to ruin something that is good and despite her reputation, finding someone who likes her for who she is.
Like the previous 3 videos released for reputation, this too is directed by Joseph Kahn and it seems that he and Taylor create magic together. The film clip is a little more expressive and obscure than previous videos, but I think that Taylor is trying to send a strong message throughout it- that she just wants to be herself and invisible sometimes. We all know that in recent times, the media have portrayed Taylor in a very negative light and I think that she is trying to show that she is beyond over it and will continue just doing what she does on her own terms.
One thing that Taylor does well with music videos is hidden messages and many fans now know to look out for these hidden messages in her film clips. Delicate is no exception. These are a few I have noticed.
There is of course the snake ring, which Taylor has made famous following the snake comments made by Kim Kardashian-West. But if you look back on Shake It Off from 2014, Taylor was wearing a snake ring back then. I feel that Taylor is using this image of a ‘snake’ to her advantage, that it really doesn’t bother her anymore.
The Hotel that Taylor is dancing in is called Hotel Delicat, French for delicate. Also while she is dancing in the subway, there is graffiti that reads ‘Track 5’. Taylor is certainly making sure fans know the name and track number of the song. This isn’t the first time she has done this in videos though and probably won’t be the last time.
Following the trend, when Taylor is dancing in the rain (which is very reminiscent of Fearless days), she walks past a brick wall that read ‘Echoes of your footsteps’ which is a line from Delicate.
But probably the most heart-warming hidden message and almost a confirmation that the song is about Joe Alwyn, is the ‘Joe’s Deli’ sign behind Taylor when she is dancing on the car. Joe is obviously nodding to Alwyn and Deli, which is generally short for delicatessen, could be short for delicate in this case meaning that Taylor and Joe’s love is delicate. Or maybe I’m just reading into this way too much.
I also feel that the way the film clip ended could be a hint at the next single. It ends with Taylor entering a bar and looking for somebody, presumably the man who have her the note that is lit up and Taylor carries for the majority of the film clip. Is this man Joe? I think so. It may just be coincidental that she meets this person in a bar and the first line of track 7 So it goes... is "Met you in a bar”. Or it could mean that So it goes... may be the next single.
A lot of people have compared the Delicate film clip, which so far has over 33 million views, to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’. The dance style is similar yes but I think the whole premise is totally different.
Prior to this film clip, we had seen Taylor dance but not really in an interpretive/contemporary style and I actually think she does a pretty good job. Taylor has never flaunted herself as a dancer but she does give it a good crack in this film clip. She also released the rehearsal videos for the dance, so she obviously put a lot of work into it. The dancing goes with the whole idea of the film clip- that Taylor is trying to be herself and is absolutely loving it. It really doesn’t matter how awkward she may look dancing, if she enjoys it and it fits the story then what is the point in judging her?
Overall I think Delicate is one of Taylor’s best music videos. It isn’t as intricate or special effects filled as some others like Ready For It and Style. There aren’t the amazing costumes like we have seen in Look What You Made Me Do and Blank Space. But there is creativity in a different way and a deep emotional connection. It’s simple but for the song, I don’t think it needed to be fancy. While Taylor has some fans absolutely hating this video, I like it because it is something new from her that we haven’t really seen. You can’t blame a girl for trying or wanting to be herself.

Taylor Swift Delicate