Camila Cabello album review

'Havana ooh nah nah'. It's the infectious song that's been playing on radio stations all around the world. And it's the song that has put 21-year-old Camila Cabello on the map as a solo artist. Having recently released her debut solo album Camila, this girl is proving that she can do things on her own.

Camila Cabello first burst onto the music scene in 2012 on the U.S version of The X Factor. After initially not being successful as a solo artist on the show, Camila was put into a group formed by the judges called Fifth Harmony.  The group finished in 3rd place and had great success. In December of 2016, Camila announced her departure from the group and began to pursue her solo career.

She had little success as a solo artist to begin with, which forced the delay of her debut album. However, once Havana was released, Camila's popularity continued to grow. Reaching number one in Australia, Canada and the U.S, she began to show potential as her own artist.

Havana like a majority of tracks on the album, has a Cuban feel to it. Given Camila's birthplace is East Havana in Cuba, it really isn't surprising.

Upon it's release Camila debuted at number one and upon listening to the album in depth, it's not hard to see why.

Camila's latest single Never be the Same is the opening track of the album and really invites the listener in. If you haven't heard this track, it's very catchy and really demonstrates the vocal capabilities of Camila. The general meaning of the song is that love is like an addiction that changes you. The ear-worm tune will be stuck in your head all day.


There are many other catchy, Latin pop tunes that will have you humming and dancing along. She Loves Control is upbeat and heavily synthesised but definitely a memorable track on the album.

Inside Out has a very repetitive chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head but it does emphasise the point that Camila is trying to make. This track also salutes to Camila's heritage with her singing Spanish in the third verse and the whole track feeling very Latin.

The final track Into It is also memorable and a great way to conclude the album.

There also more stripped back ballads on the album that really showcase Camila's vocal skills, something which fell under the radar a little when she was performing with Fifth Harmony.

All These Years is a beautiful love song that is stripped back. It's about missing somebody who once had a big impact on your life. In a previous interview, Camila stated "I think I miss you means more than I love you because you can love a lot more people but there are really just a few you can miss". This quote speaks volumes for the track.

Consequences is another stand-out track. The piano accompaniment is simple and Camila's voice really shines through. It also shows off her creativity and ability as a songwriter. I really feel that Camila has put her heart and soul into the conviction of this song as the emotion really comes through.

Something's Gotta Give is another stand-out ballad. This song is about a potentially toxic relationship and breakup. Again the emotion in this song is so raw.

Overall, the sound of the album is fantastic and also quite unique. Each song is well written, well produced and well performed. Camila shows her versatility and vocal abilities throughout the whole album. It has an infectious sound and is a very solid effort for a debut album.

For now, Camila will focus on her solo career and support and her friend Taylor Swift on her Reputation tour in the U.S as well as take on her own headlining tour. Camila's star continues to rise and rightfully so because this girl has talent.

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